Click on the interactive above to explore how greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere.

Climate change is primarily caused by the accumulation of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. In the mid-1800s, physicist John Tyndall conducted experiments and found that some molecules present in the atmosphere, such as carbon …read more

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How Do Greenhouse Gases Work? 9 February,2015Lauren Farrar


Lauren Farrar

Lauren has a background in biology, education, and filmmaking. She has had the privilege to work on a diverse array of educational endeavors and is currently a producer for KQED Learning's YouTube series Above the Noise. Lauren's career has taken her to the deepest parts of the ocean to film deep sea hydrothermal vents for classroom webcasts, into the pool to film synchronized swimmers to teach about the pH scale, and on roller coasters to create a video about activation energy. And, she’s done it all for the sake of education. Lauren loves communicating science! Follow her on twitter @LFarrarAtWork

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