Oakland artist Franky Aguilar developed several mobile art apps such as CatWang, Snoopify, Ima Unicorn and Gif Yogurt. For these apps, Aguilar creates a wide variety of fun digital stickers, among other art tools such as shading, for users to transform their existing photos into original and creative images. Aguilar was inspired to create these apps from street culture, candy colors and Internet iconography. Come along with KQED Art School as we talk with Aguilar about how he started his company, 99centbrains, and his widely used apps. Don’t forget to  explore 99centbrain free apps and create your own images!  Share it with us on Twitter by tagging @KQEDArtSchool .

In The Studio with Franky Aguiliar 3 July,2014Laura Robledo


Laura Robledo

Laura Robledo studied English at UC Berkeley. When she is not reading, looking up new music, or running half marathons, she loves to explore the beautiful city of San Francisco.

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