Confused about the conflict in Ukraine? Shortly after the Olympics, the crisis in Ukraine escalated to a breaking point. The media flashed images of protests in Ukraine, reported on the latest developments in Crimea and even highlighted the growing tension between Russia and America. But what exactly does it all mean? Explore these eight short videos compiled by KQED’S The Lowdown that help explain the history leading up to this point, the relationship between Russia and Ukraine, and the significance of Crimea.


Eight Short Videos to Help Make Some Sense of the Conflict in UkraineEight Short Videos to Help Make Some Sense of the Conflict in Ukraine Includes videos So much for the “spirit of international brotherhood” that the Olympics was supposed to inspire. The crisis in Ukraine has reached a boiling point, with tensions between the United States and Russia at a level not seen since the Cold War.

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Eight Helpful Videos that Explain Conflict in Ukraine 19 May,2014Laura Robledo


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