Experimental animator Jodie Mack produces colorful films that have been shown around the world. Brimming with humor and energy, her films focus on discarded materials such as fabrics, posters, photo negatives and other everyday objects that people often overlook.

In this KQED Art School episode, Mack talks about her latest project in San Francisco. Inspired by a trip to Mexico, Mack utilizes bright Oaxacan fabrics placed within landscapes and domestic scenes in her new film. She also discusses her past work, generalĀ  techniques and how she became interested in film.


Abstract Animation with Jodie Mack 4 June,2014Laura Robledo


Laura Robledo

Laura Robledo studied English at UC Berkeley. When she is not reading, looking up new music, or running half marathons, she loves to explore the beautiful city of San Francisco.

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