How much water do you use on a daily basis? According to a 2011 study sponsored by California Department of Water Resources, an average single family in California consumes more than 360 gallons of water per day. However, 2013 turned out to be one of the driest years on record. In light of Governor Jerry Brown’s declaration of a statewide drought emergency,a better question is what will the 20 percent cut in water mean for the average Californian? With the help of interactive charts, KQED’S The Lowdown explains the numbers behind indoor and outdoor residential water use by region,  and water consumption for  various household appliances to give insight on how you can save water.


How Much Water Do Californians Use And What Does A 20 Percent Cut Look Like?How Much Water Do Californians Use And What Does A 20 Percent Cut Look Like? Includes interactive charts This is not a good time to be an umbrella merchant in California. 2013 was one of the driest years on record in the state.

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Calculating Your Water Consumption 3 February,2014Laura Robledo


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