In this educast find a sampling of free special curated arts collections containing media resources around themes and big ideas. Find more free classroom media resources at

This collection of video segments and lesson plans focuses on “making” in science, technology, and the arts. Teachers can use these resources to encourage do-it-yourself and hands-on exploration in their classrooms.

Spark: Art and the Environment
This Spark collection, focuses on artists whose environmental concerns are apparent in their work.

Arts in the Renaissance
This collection of video segments provides examples of Renaissance music, dance, and drama.

Spark: Home
This collection contains short videos about working, contemporary artists who infuse their own culture or their family’s culture into their art practices. These videos help address both visual arts and social studies content standards.

Annie on Broadway
This engaging collection of arts resources immerses students in the world of ANNIE and provides a up-close look behind the scenes of a major Broadway musical.

Learning From The People
With this collection students explore science, language arts, fine arts, and social studies through the perspective of culturally diverse communities.

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Almetria Vaba

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