This resource, produced by KQED’s The Lowdown, examines the long history of solemn national presidential declarations of war, or authorizations of similar military action. Since World War II, America’s increasingly powerful military has had a consistent involvement in conflicts around the world. In little over half-a-century, we’ve fought five all-out wars (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq part 2) and been involved in many more smaller military invasions.

Them’s Fighting Words: 70 Years of U.S. Presidents Making the Case for WarThem’s Fighting Words: 70 Years of U.S. Presidents Making the Case for War Includes videos When President Obama recently made his case for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, it was a sober reminder of the Commander-in-chief’s authority to send America’s armed forces into battle.

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The History of U.S. Presidents Calling for Military Action 1 October,2013Matthew Green


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