From the Gulf War to the invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S Military has engaged in a number of military invasions. While it remains unclear whether or not the U.S will intervene in Syria, the deal between the U.S and Russia, which demands Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to eliminate their chemical weapons, has prevented another intervention for the moment. KQED’S The Lowdown sheds light on past U.S Military conflicts and their outcomes through an interactive timeline.

Timeline: A Robust History of Recent U.S. Military InvasionsTimeline: A Robust History of Recent U.S. Military Invasions Includes interactive timeline Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. military has had its hands full. Starting in 1990, we’ve fought three official wars, and been involved in no less than seven additional military interventions. It is still unclear whether the U.S.

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Robust History of Recent U.S. Military Invasions 22 October,2013Almetria Vaba


Almetria Vaba

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