The California legislation proposed to increase the state’s minimum wage to $9 by July 2014 and $10 by January 2016. This new bill has received both praise for helping struggling American families and criticism for potentially lowering the number of jobs. KQED’S The Lowdown explores the arguments for and against the new bill, how California’s minimum wage compares to other states and the demographics of California workers who earn less than $10.

For Minimum Wage Earners in California, the Promise of a Pay RaiseFor Minimum Wage Earners in California, the Promise of a Pay Raise Includes interactive charts California’s lowest-paid workers received some much welcomed news this week when state lawmakers approved a hotly contested bill to gradually bump up the minimum wage to $10 an hour.

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California’s Minimum Wage Comparisons 22 October,2013Almetria Vaba


Almetria Vaba

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