My project is a stop-motion video I made for my 8th Grade Recital Project at the Nueva School. Stop-motion movie making is an extremely long and tedious yet rewarding process, as the full film is made of a string of 2,160 still photos. It took me one full year to shoot, from storyboarding to sound and editing. Though the film is primarily targeting younger children, it hopefully entertains people of all ages.

This film was shown at BAYMN FEST 2013.

By Michele Etzbach/The Nueva School

‘The 3 Man Date’ 21 September,2013Matthew Williams


Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams is a filmmaker and media educator who has recently transplanted to Oakland from Los Angeles. He believes that you are what you eat and feels everyone should have a multitude of dietary options for self-realization. Matthew is the Educational Technologist at KQED.

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