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Alicia De Toro is from the Philippines and is employed as an instructor in the Environmental Studies Department at De Anza College. She describes her journey starting with her first job in the environmental field working in recycling in Santa Barbara. She taught different communities and businesses how to recycle and the cost benefits of recycling.

Alicia moved to intern in habitat restoration learning about restoration ecology. This included understanding the benefits to ecosystems of cultivating native plants.

Alicia offers inspirational advice about finding a rewarding path to careers in environmental justice and sustainability. She became an educator, but she advises students to visit city or country websites to get a sense of the different departments, resources and career opportunities in the non profit world or within other organizations that work with the environment.

Download Educators’ Activities Here

Work Voices 12: Alicia De Toro – Educator in Environmental Studies 2 October,2013Maxine Einhorn


Maxine Einhorn

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