For eighth-grader Roberta Stromas, the school playground had been a source of pain and anguish. On several occasions, her peers would not include her while hanging out, playing games or even sharing. This had all been attributed to the color of her skin.

Roberta is African-American and in the past her friends have had a problem with that. In her film, Roberta meditates on her experiences with race in her friendships and how it affects her.

This film was shown at the Rise to the Occasion Youth Media Festival in 2012.

Produced by Roberta Stromas, Brianna Lyon, Zack Ledo and Da’Shun Frelot.

‘The Skin I’m In’ 21 September,2013Matthew Williams


Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams is a filmmaker and media educator who has recently transplanted to Oakland from Los Angeles. He believes that you are what you eat and feels everyone should have a multitude of dietary options for self-realization. Matthew is the Educational Technologist at KQED.

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