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Paweena Lizarraga came to the USA from Thailand in 2006 and trained at City College of San Francisco on the Bridge to Biotech program where she received her laboratory certification. She explains that this one year course offers the necessary mathematics and science to prepare her for a career as a technician and lab assistant, and stresses that it is not necessary to have a science background for the course. It does help however to love science and scientific questioning, as clearly she does.

Paweena works now as a lab aid at The Gladstone Institute’s new research facility located at the UCSF campus in Mission Bay. She loves her work in stem cell research, and talks really positively about job opportunities in the biotech field in companies, government jobs or working for research institutes in academic institutions.

Download Educators’ Activities Here

Work Voices 6 – Paweena Lizarraga, Lab Assistant 2 October,2013Maxine Einhorn


Maxine Einhorn

Maxine Einhorn is from London and has lived in the Bay Area for 12 years. She has worked in adult education in London,UK, for over twenty years as a tenured instructor and department manager. She has an MA in Film and TV from University of London and has taught, moderated and appraised academic work in film studies and media literacy at undergraduate and college level. She runs the ESL/ Post Secondary project at KQED which offers media-rich resources for and created by ESL educators.

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