For the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, Spark-featured artist Stephanie Syjuco created an expansive shop of souvenirs produced in a monochrome palette: the memorable orange hue of the Golden Gate Bridge. Working with the same paint used to keep the bridge looking fresh, Syjuco’s installation features all things reddish-orange: teacups, jewelry, postcards and tchotchkes that are surprisingly not for sale, but presented together as a conceptual art installation. This project contributes to the artist’s oeuvre, which instigates dialogue about consumerism and our natural desire for objects and mementos.

We interviewed Syjuco about her International Orange project and got a behind-the-scenes look at her collaborative process. Her project is part of several artworks commissioned by the For-Site Foundation to be installed at Fort Point in celebration of the Bridge’s milestone birthday.

Explore Stephanie’s work on Spark and in our new video, discuss her ideas with your students, and follow-up with our lesson plan ideas in the International Orange Educator guide. And be sure to discover KQED’s wide-ranging coverage of the bridge’s anniversary on, featuring interviews with other International Orange artists and historical stories about the building of the great Golden Gate.

Bake a cake and throw a party! It’s time to celebrate the world’s most famous, iconic orange landmark.

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International Orange: Celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge 18 May,2012Kristin Farr


Kristin Farr

Kristin Farr is KQED's Arts Education Manager. She is the creator and producer of the Emmy Award-winning video series, Art School, which brings audiences into artists' studios to learn about contemporary art, and engages learners with ideas for new ways to get creative. She is also an artist and a contributing editor for Juxtapoz Magazine.

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