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Rita Cai is from China and describes how she learned English at Milpitas Adult School, and then went on to train as a medical assistant, eventually finding work as a dental assistant. She explains that she made this choice because she could not find work as a medical assistant at that time, but is confident that with a background in the medical field, ESL students will be able to find work however bad the economy may be.

A dental assistant ensures the dental office runs smoothly, learning front-office procedures like scheduling, billing and processing dental insurance, as well as prepping for surgery and helping with cleanings. It offers work in a growing industry.

Similarly a medical assistant ensures physicians’ offices, hospitals or clinics run smoothly and serve the needs of the patient. They learn how to carry out medical procedures, collect laboratory samples, record medical histories, take vital signs, explain treatments to patients and assist the physicians with examinations.

This is the third interview in our series.

She is responding to questions such as:

  • What motivated you to choose this career path?
  • What does it involve to qualify – what will you need to do?
  • Would you recommend this career choice & what kind of person (with what qualities) would be a good fit?

Work Voices modules will be tested in ESL classrooms and adapted, based on student and instructor feedback.

Meet Rita Cai, from China who works as a dental assistant in a clinic.

Download Educators’ Activities Here

Work Voices 3 – Rita Cai, Dental Assistant 2 October,2013Maxine Einhorn


Maxine Einhorn

Maxine Einhorn is from London and has lived in the Bay Area for 12 years. She has worked in adult education in London,UK, for over twenty years as a tenured instructor and department manager. She has an MA in Film and TV from University of London and has taught, moderated and appraised academic work in film studies and media literacy at undergraduate and college level. She runs the ESL/ Post Secondary project at KQED which offers media-rich resources for and created by ESL educators.

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