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Green Onion PancakeBitter Melon Pork Stir-fryCoconut Walnut Prawns with Sesame Seeds and Cantaloupe
Green Onion Pancake, Bitter Melon Pork Stir-fry, “A Happy Family Special” (Coconut Walnut Prawns with Sesame Seeds and Cantaloupe)

Heru Oba Shambe
Name: Heru
Occupation: African High Priest, Musician, MUNI Driver
Location: San Pablo
Favorite Restaurant: Red Jade
Reviewed Red Jade: Friday, November 28, 2008

Upon entrance, one notices that the walls are painted red. Red symbolizes prosperity, and jade is a favorite precious stone that is believed to bring longevity within the Chinese culture.

The portion size was VERY adequate; the quality of the food deserves an “A” letter grade. This restaurant served the meal on top of both shredded lettuce and honeydew melon. I’ve had this dish at many restaurants before, and it is always served upon abed of shredded lettuce, but never with honeydew. I thought it a tantalizing mixture of hot (the shrimp), and cold (the honeydew melon). It immediately brings to mind the ying-yang within the Chinese culture — the proper balance of opposites.

The decor was bland — just three wall hangings. When I asked the waitress about theme, she just replied, “Oh, they’re Chinese letters.” When I pressed for more information, she gave me a confused look. The noise level was very low (I’m content), and the food arrival was less than a 10 minute wait. The neighborhood is very safe, MUNI Metro underground is just about 200 feet away. Parking is a bit difficult, so it’s better for one to take the MUNI Transit (22, J , 37, or underground Metro lines M, L ,K). I would return to this restaurant because of the quality of the food, a nice cheap eat, and a BOISTEROUS BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK. I give this restaurant an “A.”

Joan Diamond
Name: Joan
Occupation: Retired School Principal
Location: Oakland
Favorite Restaurant: Crogan’s Montclair
Reviewed Red Jade: Monday, November 17, 2008

We went for lunch. The restaurant is on an easy to find street in San Francisco where parking is plentiful. Upon entering, I was delighted by the distant soft music and the wonderful decor. The walls were mustard, tomato, and a wonderful light lime. The other diners were a joyful hodgepodge of businessmen, local workers, out-of-towners, and the rainbow of races and ages. This was a Monday at noon, and the place was filled; it’s obviously popular. It had wonderful energy.

Our order was taken, and the food delivered in a most timely manner. I loved the artful ivory chopsticks. We had the vegetarian delight and the asparagus salmon with black bean sauce. Both orders were large and came with soup and a large helping of rice. The vegetables were perfectly cooked — al dente — and the salmon, tasty.

This restaurant will now become one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to return for dinner. It is very reasonably priced, and the food and ambiance is well done. It has a welcome, neighborhood feel that makes you want to know the people and taste all that the restaurant has to offer.

Zheng Cao
Name: Zheng
Occupation: Opera Star
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: COCO500
Reviewed Red Jade: Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Portion size: Good-sized meal
Quality of food: Surprisingly good, especially the onion pancake; I think it’s the best of any Chinese restaurant in the whole Bay Area. The bitter melon pork was special ordered by me, and it was really like homemade. The pork was extremely tender and tasty; a great combination with the bitter melon, feels very clean.
Service: Very good and fast — the waitress was so accommodating, suggesting food outside of the menu. Very creative.
Décor and atmosphere: Very simple. It looked kind of new and modern with lots of space between tables.
Bang for buck: Reasonable for the Castro area. A little higher than Chinatown.
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Noise level: Moderate
Wait for table: No wait
Food arrival speed: Fast

Parking is little hard on the street; I circled twice before finding a space. I wouldn’t go during the day, but will consider taking my Chinese friends there to taste the pancake. I’m crazy about that pancake. I never thought a Chinese restaurant with English-only menu would have authentic taste, but I was nicely surprised.

Red Jade: Reviews 26 July,2015Check, Please! Bay Area

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  • after seeing your review i was excited to try this place – yes the food was really fantastic – healthy fresh delectable – however, perhaps they were having a bad day or since the review they have a flux of customers which is were my differ in my opinion – i wasn’t impressed by the service – our wait person was preoccupied and not very attentive – almost rude – i didn’t feel any connection and he often walked away before i completed saying most anything

  • Susan

    We went as this is close to where we live and we’ve never tried it.

    It was wonderful! The service was so friendly, they brought my 4 yr old a treat at the end. I really appreciated the freshness of the ingredients. We got hometown chicken which was tastey and had lots of crunch veggies cut thinly and beautifully. It was not mushy, which I really appreciated.
    I’d given up on finding a Chinese restaurant and here it is so close. Plus they deliver. My life just went up a notch!

  • Sandy

    A friend saw a rerun of Check Please so we tried Red Jade for lunch, we ordered the onion pancake that was supposed to be fabulous, it was a circle of glue-y stuff, very disappointing, I’ve bought a better frozen onion pancake at 99 Ranch. The dishes were plentiful, we had beef chow fun and it was mediocre, also had the portobello mushrooms with shrimp, the mushrooms were sliced so thin you could practically read through them and not many of them but the sauce on the shrimp was tasty. The 3 of us gave it a c -, and all decided we’d never go back, there are too many better Chinese restaurants in the city.

  • Roland

    We didn’t get the onion pancake, gummy and not too much flavor. It needed the dips. Pot stickers were large and plump, but the contents were raw. Is that pork or chicken in it? Whichever, the cold raw contents gave us the creeps. The ‘dry fried’ spareribs were chopped up bits of pork and bone, deep fried. Not so much seasoning, no sauce (hence the ‘dry’) and quite forgettable.

    Princess shrimp was nice, albeit a very American-Chinese dish.

    The service and ambiance were nice enough, but the food was substandard.

  • Earl

    Tried Red Jade after seeing a repeat episode of Check Please.  I thought the onion pancake was OK, my dining companion thought it was too greasy.  I had the Mongolian Beef, the sauce was good, but the beef was of very low quality.  My friend had the Chicken Curry.  He also thought the meat in his dish was below par.  The service was brusque, but efficient.  It has been a while since the Check Please review, so perhaps the quality of the food has deteriorated because my friend and I cannot understand the rave reviews by the panelist.

  • Iadora

    After seeing/hearing about Red Jade on Check Please, I made a special trip from my home in Oakland to try it out! That was a little over 1 year ago. Ever since, every chance I have, brings another delicious meal @ Red Jade! I tried the onion pancake which I’d never had b4 and found it quite greasy, NOT s’thing I could be seduced by. Thank You for this program!

    Another time I also enjoyed Golden Lotus’ review (Another of my favorites!) Then t’day saw a positive review for Lanesplitters Pizza, and was utterly shocked to see how good it looked. This was a surprise since I’d tried the one on LakePark St in Oakland. There the pizza which was one of their 4 options. For me it was terrible! …Hard, dry, tasteless and stingy. They had newly opened and had 4 pizza types in a display case (with flies)! Those were my only options at the time! My experience heartily disagreed with what was said on the show. Maybe, I need to try that other location!?

  • HrtSmiles

    I enjoy Check Please to introduce me to new places to try for great dining experiences. Seeing the Red Jade episode in July 2013 I looked forward to trying the place. Two of the dinners really ‘raved’ over this green onion pancake. Well I ordered one this evening, and like some of the previous comments here, it was real waste of money. It was gummy, and completely lacking in flavor. Even the sauce that comes with the dish, was lacking in any definitive flavor or punch. I later realized that it was supposed to be a peanut sauce, but truly bland and watered down. A small pie, it’s cut in 6 slices. I ate two and declined to take the rest home.

    I’m glad that someone else here, also noted the meat that was used in their beef dishes. I ordered the scallop and beef with Chinese broccoli. There were a few bits and pieces of scallops, but the I swear, the meat tasted as if it had come out of a can.

    Besides the really distasteful meat, I’d asked them to make the dish ‘spicy’. Well it arrived with a one whole small dried red chili pepper mixed in the dish, and what looked the emptying of a can of chili flakes that had been stir-fried with the food. Every piece of meat had several chili flakes on them. Besides too much chili, the basic sauce lacked any definitive flavor or direction.

    Okay, you might think I’m done, but my attempt to be tolerant and gracious came to an end, when a black bug walked out of the broccoli. I tried to shoo it away, hoping it was just a gnat, but no…it wouldn’t fly, it just walked around the rim of my plate.

    In their favor, the waiter deducted 30% from my bill. I would not recommend the restaurant to anyone.

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