Check, Please! Bay Area’s fourth season episode 2 (#402) profiles and reviews these three Bay Area restaurants:

1) Shanghai Dumpling King: | restaurant information | reviews |

2) farmerbrown: | restaurant information | reviews |

3) Caesar’s Italian Restaurant: | restaurant information | reviews | [CLOSED]

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leslie sbroccoMy name is Leslie Sbrocco and I’m the host of Check, Please! Bay Area. Each week, I will be sharing my tasting notes about the wine the guests and I drank on set during the taping of the show.

Wines of the Week: KQED Wine Club
Our guests enjoyed these two delicious offerings from the KQED Wine Club. These wines serve up worldwide diversity from a refreshing white to an elegant red. Join the club!

2006 Osseus Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Ynez Valley, California
Think of this wine as sunshine in a bottle. Bright and juicy with loads of citrus fruit flavors, it’s the type of wine you want to sip while basking in the sunshine.

2005 La Fenetre Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Barbara, California
Cabernet Sauvignon is so popular because it offers a mouthful of fruit backed up with structure and body. It’s the kind of wine you want to drink with hearty fare from lamb to burgers.

Special Wine
2005 Judd’s Hill Petite Sirah, Lodi, California
Petite Sirah — the grape variety — produces wines that are anything but petite. Think of them as a linebacker on a football team nicknamed “Tiny.” This version packs a wallop of jammy fruit with a peppery kick.

Check, Please! Bay Area Season 4: Episode 2 (402) 21 July,2015Check, Please! Bay Area

  • Daniela

    The Shanghai Dumpling King is one of my regular restaurant haunts! The dumplings are pretty damn good, the price amazing..and I have found the service quite consistently good. I have never waited more than eight minutes to order after the menus arrived; however it does take a while to get the check (flag them down!). Definitely try The Lion’s Head Meatball, two massive meatballs; order with their luscious sauce. Of course, the super egg puffs are a must…hot, crispy, soft and slightly eggy; a sugary dream come true.

  • Bill Z.

    Perhaps the worst restaurant ever! I checked health inspection records. Nine violations. The place was dirty, bathrooms disgusting. It’s a tiny hole-in-the wall with tables jammed together. We got reservations and arrived to find out they don’t take reservations (they lied). We got hassled by people who had been waiting and were angry that we were demanding to be seated. Service consisted of a waiter in dirty street clothes throwing a plate of food on the table on his way to another table. Not once did they speak to us until it was time for the bill. It has all, the ambience of a bus depot. Dumplings? Limp, over-cooked balls of who knows what. We were a party of five and the dipping sauces were enough for one person, maybe. The soup arrived at the end of the meal. I can’t comment much on the food… the visible lack of sanitation made me afraid to eat it. We had taken family there for Valentine’s day and I was mortified at taking them to such a place. Check Please needs to double check some of their guests opinions as this kind of thing impugns thei shows reputation as well. Yuck!! The place was cheap – you get what you pay for.

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