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Wednesday we brought you a little preview of Source, the brand new vegetarian “multi-dimensional” restaurant that opened in the Design District. Today we bring you a first impression.

The Space: Clean, bright, fresh, and modern. Yes, they do have light displays, a waterfall, and music reminiscent of Blade Runner, but it’s not overpowering or new-agey in feel. It’s casual—you order up front and grab a table number—and pretty laid back. It is a little stark, and would benefit from some art or paint on the walls, which would bring a little warmth to the atmosphere.

yerba mate blueberry lemonade at Source
House Blend Raw Yerba Mate Blueberry Lemonade

The Staff: Very friendly, welcoming, and super informed. They didn’t have everything on the menu yet (it was only the second day of their soft launch) but they were able to answer all my questions about future plans. Yes, they are trying to develop a gluten-free pizza dough. Yes, they will have vegan cheese soon, and it will be a raw cashew cheese. And yes, their pasta is all gluten-free (made of brown rice). Do you know what this means? It means gluten-free vegans have a new place to eat (that’s pretty rare)!

Jamaican Jerk Cluck Entree
Jamaican Jerk Cluck Entrée

The Food: We ordered the Jamaican Jerk Cluck entrée (with vegetables, sweet mango chutney, and house wild rice), the Peking Quack Sandwich (with soy quack, cucumber, avocado, scallions, and black sesame hoisin sauce), a House Blend Raw Yerba Mate Blueberry Lemonade, a Whoopie Pie and a Twinkle (a more wholesome version of a Twinkie). Everything was fresh, flavorful, and filling—just really very tasty and satisfying. And considering we got dinner, dessert, and a drink for two people for just under $30 (and for organic food at that), it was really very affordable.

Peking Quack Sandwich
Peking Quack Sandwich

The Jamaican Jerk Cluck’s sauce was bursting with flavor with just a hint of heat and complimented nicely with a more subdued simple wild rice. The Peking Quack was sweet and chewy, and heaped into a homemade grilled flatbread topped with cripsy cucumber and creamy avocado. It was nice to have a side of real fries – simple potato strips that were not coated in seasoning or over-salted. The Raw Yerba Mate Blueberry Lemonade is probably one of my new favorite drinks—refreshing, not overly sweet with just enough tartness. As for the Whoopie Pie — well, you can’t go wrong with what is essentially a frosting sandwich. The Twinkle was a tiny bit dry, but flavorful and not guilt-inducing like the apocalypse-defying Hostess variety.

whoopie pie from Source
Whoopie Pie

In summary: I will go back. I will try many more things on their menu. And I am all over their brunch that starts in two weeks.

Hours: Open 7 days a week, 11am to 3pm for lunch, 5pm to 10pm for dinner (They will start serving brunch on Saturdays and Sundays two weeks from now.)
Location: 11 Division Street (at the corner of Division St & De Haro St, between King St & Berry St) — Be careful with Google Maps; typing in “11 Division Street” sends you to an alley between Best Buy and the SPCA.
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-864-9000

Source: A First Impression of the New Vegetarian Restaurant 11 March,2011Vi Zahajszky


Vi Zahajszky

Vi Zahajszky, originally from Hungary, Boston, and New York, drove across the country to San Francisco a few years ago with her husband Chris and a rescue pup named The Bandit. By day she works at KQED and is involved in the station’s new media efforts. By night, her passions lie in vegan food and fashion. Her own blog, plantmade, focuses on vegan and cruelty-free fashion. She is a fashion writer for eco-conscious website One Green Planet, and has contributed to SF vegan lifestyle blog Vegansaurus and San Diego food blog Pizzelles.
Currently studying fashion design and pattern-making at Apparel Arts in San Francisco, she has plans to eventually develop a vegan clothing line. You can find her on facebook and on twitter @plantmade.

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