brendadickson1.jpgOh, Golly. Where to start this morning?

I think I’ll just begin as I do every morning– with fashion, diet, and exercise advice from Brenda Dickson.

There are some people in this world who spend entirely too much time on YouTube. I count myself as one of them. One of my favorite discoveries has been Miss Dickson. She’s been somewhat of a sensation on the website over the past several months, elevating an otherwise forgettable actress to cult star status.

She’s been parodied dozens of times, but her original, self-produced self-help video “Welcome to My Home” (1987) needs no added commentary to be both horrifying and hilarious– it’s so vain, yet so well intentioned that it’s impossible not to love. It is gorgeous, wonderful Camp. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I shall refer you to the late Susan Sontag– she can explain it all to you.

And then I shall cry.

Here is part two of Miss Dickson’s video. Her diet advice begins at 4:14, but warm up a little with her exercise routine (with her dog, Charles). There is nothing more to be said, there is only to watch.

Enjoy. Just remember: Salt can make your face puffy, and sugar causes wrinkles.

Brenda Dickson's Kitchen 5 August,2008Michael Procopio

  • OMG! Major Drama Drama as well as Camp…Check out her blog!
    Here is an excerpt from the most recent post:
    “(Sorry for the spelling errors earlier; I’m dyslexic! Now I have corrected at least many of them!)
    Many of you are probably wondering what is going on. I am being put in jail (illegally) and raped of all my assets. Well, this is a repeat scenario. It has been done to me once before. Whenever I showed desire to resume my career, there are people in my life, it is organized crime, who will rape me of all my assets. Many of my fans have expressed the concern about William Bell firing me so here is the blog that explains it all. I am writing a book and there is so, so much more to tell.”


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