Our main squeeze Cy Musiker is away, which means Suzie Racho is the orange juice to my Champagne for this week’s Do List. We’re talking about three erstwhile traditions in San Francisco — Noir City, Sketchfest and Noise Pop — and a few outliers that caught our eye. All are smooth as a morning cocktail.

On with the show!

Now through Jan. 28: There’s some offbeat musical mayhem happening at Sketchfest this year, with Jeff Goldblum, Kevin McDonald and more.

Jan. 24: He sings. He plays. He rambles about aliens. He’s Lee “Scratch” Perry, and he’s the most innovative thing to happen to the studio remix.

Jan. 25–28: How does one choreograph a show about midcentury modern furniture? For Kristin Damrow, Ray and Charles Eames serve as perfect inspiration.

Jan. 26–Feb. 4: You ain’t seen nothin’ ’til you’ve seen a film at Noir City, the grittiest little long-running film noir festival in town.

Feb 19–25: Bending with the zeitgeist, Noise Pop has added some rappers and R&B artists.

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Gabe Meline

Gabe Meline is KQED Arts’ Senior Editor. He lives with his wife, his daughter, a 1964 Volvo and too many records in his hometown of Santa Rosa, CA. Find him on Twitter at @gmeline.

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