Halfway through the season, there are already some solid contenders for Song of the Summer — there might even be a few in this batch. This month, we continue to track new music released online, cherry picking the very best for you. There’s new music from Beach House, Alice Glass of Crystal Castles, Chvchres and more.

Enjoy the mix!

Track Listing:

  1. “Chili Town” – Hinds, single
  2. “Oh Baby” – Micachu and the Shapes, Good Sad Happy Bad
  3. “Sparks” – Beach House, Depression Cherry
  4. “Norf Norf” – Vince Staples, Summertime ‘06
  5. “Everyday” – Diane Coffee, Everybody’s a Good Dog
  6. “Stillbirth” – Alice Glass, single
  7. “Leave a Trace” – Chrvches, Every Open Eye
  8. “Gunga Din” – The Libertines, Anthem for Doomed Youth
  9. “That Kind of Girl” – All Dogs, Kicking Every Day
  10. “Book of Love” – Fraser A. Gorman, single


Noise Pop

The Noise Pop Podcast is a bi-monthly series that showcases the most noteworthy and soon-to-be-buzzing music. Hosts, Olivia LaRoche and Dawson Ludwig provide witty and interesting context behind the songs played on the podcast.

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