Your Cell Phone Has An FM Receiver

Did you know that your smartphone is also an FM radio? That’s right; today’s smartphones have a built-in FM chip that gives them the ability to receive radio signals in your area. This means you should have easy access to the entertainment you love and information you need – from music to local news to sports and more.

The concept is similar to your car radio – if you can tune to a station in your car, you can tune to it on your smartphone.

Cell Phone Radio

Why Can’t I use it?

The reason you can’t currently access this smartphone feature is because wireless carriers are opting not to turn on the FM chip for U.S. customers. This isn’t something you can activate on your individual phone. It’s a decision that needs to be made by your wireless carrier.

Public broadcasting stations are asking wireless carriers to activate the already-installed FM chip. This is where we need your help.

Why You Should Contact Your Wireless Carrier

There are a number of benefits to having your phone’s FM chip activated, including:

  • The FM chip gives you free and unlimited access to local radio stations.
  • Using the FM chip doesn’t require an Internet connection, which reduces the amount of data used each month and helps conserve battery power.

In emergencies, you can still receive critical information from local radio stations. This is especially important if cell networks are down or are experiencing heavy call volumes.


Contact Your Wireless Carrier Today – It’s Easy!

We’ve made it easy to let your wireless carrier know you’d like them to turn on your phone’s FM receiver.

Contact AT&T

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Contact Verizon

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Contact T-Mobile

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  2. The AT&T rep on the phone had no idea what I was talking about and transfered me to technical help!

  3. the verizon rep said that i could access the fm chip through their global network; nothing within the us. they clearly do not want users to use the fm chip.

  4. fuck you Samsung for FM Radio. 2016 galaxy s4 is still best oled 5″ lightweight phone with top audio quality. Used costs like 125eur~ can’t beat the price.

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