While the Bay Area has nearly endless restaurant options to eat out at, it can weigh a little heavy on the wallet. Finding a good sized, delicious meal at an affordable price is important to all of us. Now, with the help of past Check, Please! Bay Area guests, you’ll  have to do a little less hunting to do to find those meals…

Alhamra Indian and Pakistani Restaurant

Restaurant: Alhamra Indian and Pakistani Restaurant

Recommended By: David, Season 6

Dish: Tandoori Chicken Leg

Price: $3.99

“I had two orders of this chicken! The food here is really that good!”

Nick's Crispy Tacos

Restaurant: Nick’s Crispy Tacos

Recommended by: Leslie, Season 3

Dish: Pollo Asado Taco (Nick’s Way – w/ Guacamole)

Price: $4.90/each

“It’s messy, and that’s what makes it so good!”

Pho Vi Hoa

Restaurant: Phớ Vỉ Hoa

Recommended by: Garrett, Season 7

Dish: Phớ Tái – Eye round steak noodle soup

Price: $7.75(Sm) / $8.75(Lg)

“It’s a perfect comfort food.”


Restaurant: Trueburger

Recommended by: Karen, Season 6

Dish: Portabella Mushroom Burger (Vegetarian)

Price: $7.00

“That burger was the star of the show!”

Auntie April's Chicken and Waffles and Soul Food

Restaurant: Auntie April’s Chicken Waffles and Soul Food

Recommended by: Tom, Season 9

Dish: Chicken & Waffle

Price: $9.00

“The Belgium-style waffle that she does is fantastic.”

Baladie Gourmet Cafe

Restaurant: Baladie Gourmet Café

Recommended by: Haven, Season 2

Dish: Chicken Shawerma Lavash

Price: $7.75

“I taste the authentic flavors of Nazareth when I am at Baladie Café.”

El Metate

Restaurant:  El Metate

Recommended by: Rolando, Season 5

Dish: Fish Taco

Price: $3.00/each

“The piece of fish you get in each taco is very generous.”

Turk and Larkin Deli

Restaurant: Turk and Larkin Deli

Recommended by: Denise, Season 9

Dish: Pastrami Sandwich

Price: $4.75 – $6.50

“I just love their incredibly tasty meats.”

Golden Lotus

Restaurant: Golden Lotus

Recommended by: Cory, Season 2

Dish: Sautéed Garlic Beef (made with meat substitute – vegan/vegetarian)

Price: $9.95

“The sauces are delicious!”

Hard Knox Cafe

Restaurant: Hard Knox Café

Recommended by: Gary, Season 1

Dish: Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich

Price: $8.50

“This authentic soul food was great.”

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