It’s not long until our super-exclusive Downton Abbey Super Fan Party in a top-secret San Francisco location on Wednesday, February 25 , and we’ve still got 40 tickets (for two) to give away in the fourth of our weekly draws!

Your fourth Downton Abbey Super Fan Party challenge is:

2. On Saturday, ‘follow’ Lady Mary to a quaint antiques shop in San Mateo

The Pickled Hutch, a store offering vintage and vintage-inspired items for home, garden and gifts at 1606 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94402 (map)

10:30am – 2:30pm on Saturday, January 31. Find the friendly KQED staff member inside The Pickled Hutch, fill out a quick form and you’re entered into this week’s drawing to win one of 20 tickets (with each ticket giving entry for two people to the Super Fan Party!)

Why here?
The stylish Lady Mary would find much to appreciate in this cozy antiques store (although of course these items wouldn’t be antiques to her, would they?) As well as items for the house and garden, The Pickled Hutch offers a range of handcrafted jewelry, which we can just imagine her looking impossibly chic in.


If you are lucky enough to win one of the tickets in our first drawing, you will receive an email by 2pm on Monday, February 2 with the details on the party. Once you’ve confirmed your acceptance of the ticket, we will mail you this special Lady Mary ticket!



If if you’re not lucky this time around, stay tuned: you’ve got one more Saturday draw to enter (in Sausalito), and next week we’ll be announcing the exact location in which to enter. In the meantime: we’ll see you, Downton Super Fans, at The Pickled Hutch on Saturday.

Revealed: the San Mateo location of our next Downton Abbey Super Fan Party ticket draw 30 March,2015On KQED