You know about our Downton Abbey Super Fan Party on Wednesday, February 25, in a secret San Francisco location. And now it’s your chance to enter our first drawing to win one of 100 tickets to this exclusive event!

Without further ado, your first Downton Abbey Super Fan Party challenge is:

1. On Saturday, ‘follow’ the Crawley’s scheming underbutler Thomas Barrow to the Castro District in San Francisco

Spike’s Coffee & Teas, 4117 19th Street (at Castro Street,) San Francisco, CA 94114 (map)

1pm-5pm on Saturday, January 10. Find the friendly KQED staff member at Spike’s, fill out a form and you’re entered into this week’s drawing to win one of 20 tickets (with each ticket giving entry for two people to the Super Fan Party!)

Why here?
As Downton’s underbutler, Thomas knows a thing or two about tea — plus he’d enjoy the opportunity to relax off-duty in this busy, vibrant part of San Francisco.1-Thomas-Barrow-tea


If you are lucky enough to win one of the tickets in our first drawing, you will receive an email by 2pm on Monday, January 12 with the details on the party. Once you’ve confirmed your acceptance of the ticket, we will mail you this special Thomas ticket!


If if you’re not lucky this time around, stay tuned: you’ve got four more weekly draws (in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo and Sausalito) to enter, and next week we’ll be announcing our second Bay Area location in which to enter the drawing. In the meantime: we’ll see you, Downton Super Fans, at Spike’ Coffees and Teas on Saturday.


First location revealed for Downton Abbey Super Fan Party Drawing 19 March,2015Carly Severn


Carly Severn

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