Season 12

3 Still Standing

Everyone knows Robin Williams, Dana Carvey and Paula Poundstone. This is the story about their friends, the other jokers in the room, the ones who stayed in San Francisco, worked the clubs and rode a comedy movement right up until the comedy bubble burst in 1992. In the 1980s, the comedy scene in San Francisco … Continue reading 3 Still Standing →

Desert Migration

Desert Migration focuses on gay men living long-term with HIV who have sought out an oasis in Southern California’s Palm Springs, where both their homosexuality and health condition is not just tolerated, but understood. They represent a huge number of people who migrated to this desert community burdened with memories of watching their friends die, … Continue reading 3 Still Standing →

Forever, Chinatown

San Francisco artist Frank Wong is a 3-D memorialist. He has spent the last four decades crating his memories in miniature form, pulling inspiration from his life, family and city. His dioramas — each not much larger than a shoebox —reflect a life he once knew and encapsulate monuments of Chinatown’s past with vibrant romantic … Continue reading 3 Still Standing →