Mon 5/09/16: KQEH DT54 planned short outages

(DT54-1 through 54-5)
Monday 5/09

The DT54 Over the Air signal will need to switch from main to auxiliary levels at some point Monday (most likely early afternoon) for the safety of the crew working on another station’s equipment on the tower, then back to the main antenna late-afternoon when work is completed. The change should be for a couple/few hours at most, and will involve two short outages when the two switches between antennas take place.

Most receivers will automatically re-acquire the signal for each switch. A few viewers may need to do a rescan to recover all the stations which transmit from that tower.

This will not affect Comcast/Xfinity customers, or viewers of our DT9 or DT25 signals.

Mon 5/09/16: KQEH DT54 planned short outages 6 May,2016Red Dana

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