4/17/16 – KQED Plus (DT54) Over the Air Issue: Virtual ID missing

We are aware that many Over the Air (OTA) viewers are currently unable to tune in our channels on the usual DT54.1 through 54.5. This is due to a problem with our PSIP generator, which engineers hope to have repaired on Monday 4/18.

In the meantime, OTA viewers might be able to watch any of those 5 channels by punching in 50.1 through 50.5 temporarily.

Back when the big conversion from analog to digital broadcasting took place, the FCC decided that viewers should not need to memorize a new list of channel numbers, so even tho nearly every TV station in the country now broadcasts on a different frequency, each station includes a “virtual ID” code in its transmission that tricks TVs into renumbering the channels to their “old” designations. So, even tho KQED Plus is actually transmitted on frequency 50, the virtual ID normally is there to tell your TV to renumber it as 54.

Guide information will not be present until the full PSIP capabilities are restored, but many OTA viewers may be able to at least watch the programs in real time.

4/17/16 – KQED Plus (DT54) Over the Air Issue: Virtual ID missing 18 April,2016Red Dana

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