Comcast/Xfinity Ch10 audio, Monday 7/20 evening

UPDATE: Comcast was able to resolve their technical glitch apx 10:45pm

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We are aware that at least during the early part of the evening of Monday 7/20, the audio is out of sync on Comcast/Xfinity channel 10, their basic cable service. This problem still exists as of 8:10pm.

We have confirmed that the audio is fine on our outgoing signal for KQED Plus Over the Air on DT54.1, 9.2 and 25.2, and it is also fine on Comcast/Xfinity channel 710, their HD service. So far, we’ve not received any trouble reports from viewers using other signal delivery services.

If you are experiencing this problem, and are using any channel or service OTHER THAN Comcast 10, please email to let me know.

If you are a Comcast Basic Cable subscriber watching on channel 10, please report it directly to Comcast as well, using the “Tech Troubles” path in their phone system.


Comcast/Xfinity Ch10 audio, Monday 7/20 evening 20 July,2015Red Dana

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