Occasional Sound Issues, Comcast, Santa Cruz area

UPDATE: We understand that Comcast was able to resolve this issue as of late afternoon Wednesday 7/31, and that most of our Santa Cruz viewers now have sound back on BBC World News America, and other British programs. If you still do not have sound on BBC World News America, you’ll still need to call Comcast to have them walk you through fixing the settings in the set top box, returning the Language Preference to English, and the Audio Preference to Stereo.

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We are aware that many Comcast Basic Cable subscribers in the Santa Cruz area have developed a problem with sound missing from some programs, the easiest one to check being the weekday afternoon broadcasts of BBC World News America on KQED 9 at 2:30pm and 4pm.

If your Comcast remote is black, please read the next post down, and you may be able to resolve the issue yourself. However, all of the subscribers we’ve spoken with so far have a Silver Comcast remote, and the problem can only be fixed by calling Comcast, and having them walk you through the correct procedure.

When you call the 800# on your bill, use the option for “Technical Troubles.” When you get to a live person, insist on speaking to a technical supervisor. Once you’re talking to a supervisor, let them know that you have an audio problem resulting from the work Comcast did on its MUX lines in the Santa Cruz area on Thursday 7/25. The problem is that, as a result of their remapping of the audio feed channels, the S.A.P. channel within your TV set has been activated, and you need their assistance turning that feature back off.

At this point, they should start instructing you on how to access various menues to correct the settings within their box. The most likely problem is that their work reset your language preference to either French or Spanish, and it needs to be returned to English. If not that, then in the regular audio menu, the work changed your settings to SAP, and it needs to be returned to Stereo.

Occasional Sound Issues, Comcast, Santa Cruz area 31 July,2013Red Dana

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