Tues 4/09 5:20am-8:20am – KQEH (DT54s) off air

Our DT54.1-5 Over The Air (OTA) transmissions from our tower on Monument Peak were interrupted for 3 hours this morning, from 5:20am to 8:20am. Service Providers using the DT54.1 signal for KQED Plus restored their carriage of the channel as soon as the signal returned.

Most tuners in digital TVs and/or converter boxes will automatically recover from an outage of that short a duration. However, a few OTA viewers may need to do a rescan in order to restore the DT54 signal.

Tues 4/09 5:20am-8:20am – KQEH (DT54s) off air 9 April,2013Red Dana

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