Thu 12/01: KQET transmitter damaged by wind

Final Update Fri 12/02 3pm: The receive Dish for KQET on Fremont Peak has been restabilized, and the signal is now looking very good.

Update 5:45pm: KQET’s signal is restored, but with occasional dropouts. Winds are still very strong on Fremont Peak, so final tweaking of the re-braced dish may be delayed.

Update 2:20pm: KQET is expected to be back on the air by this evening.

Update 11am: Repair crews are expected at Fremont Peak around noon.

Original post:

Our KQET transmitter tower on Fremont Peak (northeast of Monterey) is off the air. Very high winds have been reported for Fremont Peak, and the receive dish side of the signal path is loose and blowing in the wind.

When more info becomes available about the schedule for repair this post will be updated.


Thu 12/01: KQET transmitter damaged by wind 1 December,2011Ian Hill

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