7/14-15 (& maybe 7/18) Sutro Tower work

Weather/fog/wind did NOT permit the Sutro Tower inspection work originally planned for last Saturday 7/09 (see post below). In addition, there is a day needed for installation of equipment. As a result, KQED is now scheduled to be on its auxillary antenna, for the safety of the climbing crew, both Thurs 7/14 & Fri 7/15, again weather/fog/wind permitting. They will start at 9am, plan to be done by 3pm each day. This work also might roll over into Mon 7/18.

This will affect some Over the Air viewers, who may need to rescan to restore their lock on our signal once the inpections are completed, and we return to our primary antenna at the top of the tower at the end of the afternoon. Cable will not be impacted in anyway.

7/14-15 (& maybe 7/18) Sutro Tower work 11 July,2011Red Dana

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