7/01: KQET transmitter at reduced power

The transmitter for KQET DT25 (Salinas/Watsonville) will be operating at reduced power Friday 7/01 apx 9:30am-4:30pm to facilitate the safety of a maintenance crew doing a tower inspection. We hope to have the transmitter restored to full power no later than 5pm.

Comcast Cable customers should see no interruption in service. Other Cable, satellite, etc., service providers, and some Over the Air (OTA) viewers may experience reception issues while the transmitter is at reduced power. Most digital sets and converter boxes will also auto-restore the signal, but a OTA viewers may need to rescan if the duration of the outage becomes “too long” for their particular tuner.

7/01: KQET transmitter at reduced power 30 June,2011Chris Hicks

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