5/11: Comcast Cable viewers, 831 area

We are aware that Comcast customers in the Monterey/Pacific Grove area and in the San Luis Obispo area are having problems receiving KQED. So far, all the Comcast customers who have contacted us have been Basic Cable subscribers.
There is nothing wrong KQED’s outgoing signal. Please call Comcast to report the problem, tell them the only complaints KQED has received so far are from Comcast Basic Cable subscribers in those two localized areas, and that our outgoing signal is fine.
We will also call from our end, but Paid Service Providers sometimes need to hear from a few of their own customers before they realize they have a localized equipment or feed problem that is not originating from the TV station in question. Also email tv@kqed.org, let me know you’re calling Comcast as well, so that we can track the issue from this end. Thanks!

5/11: Comcast Cable viewers, 831 area 11 May,2011Red Dana

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