8/27 & 8/29: KQED OTA planned outages

Sutro Tower is currently conducting high level maintenance that requires the various TV stations to be off the air for a few hours overnight, on a rotating basis.
KQED’s scheduled outages will be early Friday morning 8/27 apx 12:30am-3am, and early Sunday morning 8/29 apx 12:30am-4am. Of course, reality can always interfere with the best laid plans, and the outages could be longer.
Many converter boxes and digital tuners will remember a missing signal during outages of this length. However some Over the Air (OTA) viewers of DT9.1,2,3 may need to “manually add” the channel back, or rescan, to restore KQED to their line-up after the outage.
This work will also affect satellite and cable providers who use KQED’s OTA signal. It will not affect Comcast Cable subscribers, or OTA viewers of KTEH and KQET.

8/27 & 8/29: KQED OTA planned outages 25 August,2010Chris Hicks

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