Whatever your goals, KQED can help your organization achieve them by aligning with targeted and integrated sponsorship opportunities. For over 50 years, KQED has been bringing quality public media that engages, informs and entertains, to the Bay Area and Northern California.

Client Testimonials

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Why Sponsor KQED?
Your organization will receive high visibility and corporate credibility in an uncluttered environment that makes your message stand out.

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With an unduplicated weekly audience of nearly 2.6 million listeners, viewers, and web users (Source: Scarborough, San Francisco CA market, February ’15 – January ’16, A18+), sponsorship with one or more of KQED’s platforms will:

  • Increase your visibility before a regional audience of hundreds of thousands of engaged, active and loyal users
  • Enhance your corporate image, benefitting from the “HALO EFFECT” that corporate sponsorship provides our underwriters.
  • Break through the media clutter.
    • KQED TV broadcasts less than 6 minutes of non-programming time per hour, compared with nearly 20 minutes on commercial stations.
    • KQED FM delivers less than 2 minutes of local sponsorship
      messages per hour. Your message truly stands out!

Through the creation and acquisition of programs, the leveraging of our multiple media assets, and strategic partnerships, KQED delivers television, radio, and digital content that makes people think, feel, and explore new ideas.

Your organization can build a strong association with the quality and excellence of which KQED, PBS, and NPR are celebrated. Contact us now to learn how you can achieve your marketing goals and enhance your corporate image as a KQED sponsor.

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