Sarah Varney

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Why Isn’t Kaiser Less Expensive?

The federal health law aims to tackle the problem of high health care costs by providing financial rewards to providers who do a better job coordinating patient care. But one shining example of that future has been here in California for decades. It's Kaiser Permanente which is often touted as the nation’s best hope for bringing health care costs more in line with other developed nations. Kaiser rose out of a utopian, industrialist dream. During the 1930s and 40s, Henry J. Kaiser wanted to make sure the workers at his Richmond shipyard were steady and strong.

The Green Party opposes the federal health law, but for different reasons than you might think. (Mark Wilson: Getty Images)

Opposition to the Federal Health Law: Tea Party, Republicans and … the Green Party

The platform of California’s third largest political party -- the Green Party -- includes legalizing marijuana, ending the death penalty and offering free, community bicycles. Now, add this to the Party’s list of solemn commitments: "We’re hoping the individual mandate will be struck down," says Barry Hermanson, the Green Party's candidate for California's 12th Congressional District. "It is extraordinary that now Congress is saying individuals must purchase a product from a private company. There’s no precedent for this."

Libertarian Paul Ruffino, 55, has been looking for an insurance plan since leaving his previous job. Several insurance companies refuse to cover him because he has pre-existing conditions.

Uninsured–and Still Against the Health Law

Today marks the second anniversary of the federal health care law, and, unless you've been depriving yourself of news for the last several weeks, that same law will be front and center before the Supreme Court starting Monday. Here in California, uninsured Californians have a particular stake in the Court's actions. Madera County is a largely conservative and agricultural area where one in every three people lacks coverage. While many people say they want the Supreme Court to throw out the federal health law, I found that many there are struggling to reconcile their political views with the basic need for health insurance.