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Sonoma County Man Learns to Control Anger and Violence

Editor’s Note: Jon Wheeler used to have a difficult time controlling his anger in romantic relationships. As part of our occasional series, “What’s Your Story?” Wheeler shares how a group in Santa Rosa called Men Evolving Non-Violently, or M.E.N., helped him change his abusive behaviors. Now, he leads those same groups, helping other men who … Continue reading Sonoma County Man Learns to Control Anger and Violence →


Foster Kids Learn About Nutrition, Get Job Training in Oakland Program

When you’re in foster care, you really have no control over what you eat. With my partner when she was in foster care, they ate a lot of fast food. Every night. The foster mom, she didn’t cook: She just bought pizza. She bought hot pockets.The food we eat here gives us a different mindset. I wake up feeling different and thinking clearly. Everything that we make is from scratch, which means soups, stocks, salad, dressings, sauces.

Kaitlyn Pintor visits with horses at Hoof Beats riding school in Petaluma. For the past decade, a nerve disorder has made it painful for her to experience touch. (Ryder Diaz/KQED)

Woman Finds Relief From Chronic Pain by Caring for Horses

In 2004, I was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy after an ankle sprain. I had burning pain that ended up spreading throughout my body, from head to toe. It literally feels like you’ve been set on fire and you can’t turn the fire down. Just water brushing over my skin would cause intense flame.

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Traditional Healer Treats Body and Mind

Editor’s Note: Some recent immigrants avoid visits to western doctors. Instead, they call on traditional healers who speak their language, use familiar medicinal plants, and share their cultures. As part of our ongoing series of first-person health profiles called “What’s Your Story?” we hear from Juana Gomez, a Mixteca traditional healer from Oaxaca, Mexico. Gomez … Continue reading Traditional Healer Treats Body and Mind →

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Tough Road to Starting a Family for HIV-Positive Man

Editor’s note: Andrew Jolivette was diagnosed with AIDS eleven years ago. Back then, he didn’t think he could ever have a family, since it was illegal for HIV-positive men to donate sperm. California reversed that law in 2007. Now, Jolivette hopes to start a family with a friend. As part of our ongoing series of … Continue reading Tough Road to Starting a Family for HIV-Positive Man →

Fred Smith lives in his RV in Palo Alto. (Ryder Diaz/KQED)

Living in an RV in Palo Alto — as Ban Goes into Effect

Back in 2003, I was doing well, getting $145,000 a year. Then I got caught in the tail end of the dot-com crash and never recovered from that. Unemployment had ran out and I realized that I couldn’t afford to keep the apartment I had. Actually, I ended up living in my car with my cat for a couple weeks here in the alley behind Happy Donuts. You know, you got these seats that fold down, and you’re half in the trunk and half in the back seat.

New Method to Predict Dementia Risk for Type 2 Diabetics

An international team of researchers says it’s developed a tool that predicts the risk that a senior with type 2 diabetes will develop dementia in the next 10 years. People with type 2 diabetes are known to be at a high risk of developing dementia – a range of problems that hinder memory, language, and … Continue reading New Method to Predict Dementia Risk for Type 2 Diabetics →

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Headaches, Heart Disease, Stroke; Can Aspirin Prevent Cancer, Too?

We've known for years that the lowly over-the-counter aspirin not only relieves headaches, but it can also reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Now researchers have demonstrated aspirin can do even more: it may prevent cancer, specifically colon cancer in women. There has been mounting evidence that links aspirin use to lower rates of cancer, particularly gastrointestinal cancers like colon cancer. Yet, few studies have set out to directly ask whether aspirin actually reduces cases of cancer.

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CT Scans and Kids: Parents Often Unaware of Risks

Mary Kathryn Lynch stood next to her young son in a Lake Tahoe emergency room. The Oakland resident had rushed her 9-year-old to the hospital after a ski accident left him groggy, curled up in the fetal position, and speaking incoherently. Nurses and hospital staff told Lynch that her son needed a CT scan of his head right away, she recalled. While Lynch and her husband were both worried the accident may have caused brain damage, her husband was also weighing risks of the scan's radiation.

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LGBT Couples Face Ongoing Hurdles in Health Care Parity

The Supreme Court ruled today to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and expand the legal definition of marriage. Married people enjoy a slew of federal benefits and in California, gay couples already enjoy many of those same rights. One problem, however, is that some LGBT couples have faced hurdles accessing a number of … Continue reading LGBT Couples Face Ongoing Hurdles in Health Care Parity →

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Can Air Pollution Cause Asthma in Kids? How About Autism?

We all know air pollution is not great for your health, but two new studies this week stressed just how bad it can be for children, infants and the developing fetus. Exposure to air pollution at a young age, these studies showed, can lead to an array of long-lasting health problems, including asthma and autism. It's not just that polluted air can, say, trigger asthma attacks. Now, researchers are finding that exposure to air pollution may actually cause some diseases. “We’re discovering some of the long-term effects of this air pollution: things like lung development in kids,” said Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association.