State of Health editor Lisa Aliferis talked with KQED Newsroom’s Thuy Vu about the upcoming enrollment deadline. People who want health insurance that starts Jan. 1 need to enroll by 11:59pm Mon. Dec. 23.

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You can also check out KQED’s Obamacare Guide — Just for Californians for a straightforward explanation of what the Affordable Care Act means to you and your family with answers to a multitude of frequently asked questions.
Obamacare FAQ: The Deadline is Monday — What You Need to Know 21 December,2013State of Health

  • P-Town J

    Excellent discussion. However, it would have been nice to get specific definition of the exact meaning of ENROLLMENT.
    Does enrollment mean that one has applied, been accepted by CoveredCA, and selected a plan (all of which I have done), OR Does enrollment mean that one has actually been issued the policy by the insurance company (which I have not yet).

    So today is the 23rd (deadline for enrollment) should I be worried?

    • “Enrolled” to Covered California means that you have applied and selected a plan. If you have selected a plan, but not heard from the insurance company, you could contact the company directly. Your first month’s premium is due 1/6/14.

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