As part of the effort to encourage people to sign up for health insurance, a new national campaign  — Tell A Friend, Get Covered — aims to reach 100 million people.

And right out of the block, the campaign has a viral hit. Watch as Obama impersonator Iman Crosson raps as “B-Rock O’Beezy” to Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hot. Yes, really.

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Crosson, who performs as AlphaCat, gets right into it:

“When I’m the Oval Office, call me President Barack, President Barack, President Barack.

“When my critics get an attitude, I tell ’em to stop. I tell ’em to stop. I tell ’em to stop.

“And If you need that new health care, sign up cuz it’s hot. Sign up cuz it’s hot. Sign up cuz it’s hot.

“Don’t stand and diddle, my health care’s the shizzle, It’s chock full of top-notch health care provizzles. We’ll cover all your vizzles, your dizzles and your tizzles. Now, while you figure that out, it’s back to the chorizzle.”

I think it will make more sense if you watch the video.

For those who want coverage that will start on Jan. 1, the deadline to sign up is Monday, Dec. 23. Open enrollment runs until Mar. 31, 2014.

Watch: Rap-Spoof of President Obama Promotes the ACA via Snoop Dogg 13 December,2013Lisa Aliferis

  • Kimber

    I luv it! Young people sign up, you Need Health Care. I’m telling all my friends.

  • Healthy

    Helped friend sign up OCT 2, online. Wrong letters back, saying person was married, but person was NOT. Saying they qualified for Medical, and to bring Birth cert to local DPSs office. NO office is accepting the verification. NO calls get though. They say, Call back later. NO return calls from number of worker on bottom of letter. I’m ALL for everyone being covered. I have a juris doctorate of law and worked for Dept of Social Services for YEARS…and even I got frustrated TRYING to help this person apply. The average person will just forget it, and once not able to get through by phone or in person,in the office ( told NO covered California at local Medi-cal offices despite letter on THEIR letterhead saying to do so)….a mess. I of course called COUNTY ADMIN..and sent return receipt certified letter with COPIES Of all requested, even though they wanted to VIEW originals in an office. I hope they get it straight. Where to go, etc. This person should have an insurance card on JAN 1! That’s days away! The county is CLOSED fri sat sun and no one will be there mon tue before Christmas ( skeleton crew) and same for New Year…

    Please get it together Riverside County and Covered California, time is of the essence!!!!


Lisa Aliferis

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