May this never happen to your child. Gretchen Reynolds, the fabulous New York Times’ phys. ed. writer shares her experience in helping get treatment for her son who suffered the “terrible triad” while training on a trampoline: he ruptured his A.C.L., tore his medial collateral ligament, and frayed one of his “menisci,” (cartilage in the knee). Even if you’re a couch potato, this is a gripping story — and a good reminder to be engaged in whatever medical treatment you seek.


Jewel Samad/Getty Images Before my 16-year-old son wracked his knee this summer, I considered myself a well-informed medical consumer and a relaxed, dispassionate sports parent. It turned out that I was neither. The experience has been disconcerting but also educational, allowing me to develop a checklist of practical information to help other families deal with a serious sports-related knee injury, and particularly a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

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