Covered California has not started its TV ad campaign yet, but Cover Oregon launched theirs over the holiday weekend and has definitely laid down the gauntlet:

Sarah Kliff at the Washington Post notes the ads “could have been pulled straight out of Portlandia,” and that most of Cover Oregon’s $2.9 million outreach work from now until October will be spent on television spots like these. From the Post:

“We chose to build a strategy to make sure people became aware of the name and to start the conversation,” says Mark Ray, creative director at North, the Portland-based ad agency which produced the spots. “We want to help people understand this program is about Oregonians taking care of Oregonians, so that people understand this is a celebration of something that will benefit a lot of people.

Here’s another one with Matt Sheehy of the Oregon-based band Lost Lander:

The ads will start airing on television on Tuesday.

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