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(Andy Warner/KQED)

The clock is ticking.

It’s now less than seven months until Obamacare goes fully into effect. On Jan. 1 most Americans will be required to have health insurance or pay a fine. Here in California, 7 million people are uninsured.

Whether you love it, hate it or are just plain confused, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. Many people have questions about how the ACA affects themselves and their families. But it can be hard to find a central place to get your questions answered.

For example, if you want to find out about the new marketplace, you can visit Covered California, the state’s new health insurance marketplace. But that won’t help you if you get your insurance through your job, or if you’re on Medicare or Medi-Cal. You could probably learn a lot from the federal government’s website about the health law, but that’s not specific to California.

That’s why we produced Obamacare Explained: A Guide for Californians. We describe, in straightforward language, how Obamacare affects you, here in the state. There are different sections for different people: people who have insurance, people who don’t have insurance, and people who own small businesses. Select the category that describes you and read about how the health law affects your health insurance — or how to get health insurance, if you are uninsured.

Our guide answers the questions you’ve probably been asking. How will my job-based health insurance be affected? Anything going on with Medicare that I should be aware of? What about those subsidies I keep hearing about?

All those questions and more are answered in the guide. Take a look.

Editor’s Note: We’re grateful to the Kaiser Family Foundation for giving the guide an advance read and helping to clarify technical details. But for you wonks out there, if you catch any errors, those are ours, not theirs.

Confused About Obamacare? Check Out KQED’s Guide 4 June,2013Lisa Aliferis


Lisa Aliferis

Lisa Aliferis is the founding editor of KQED’s State of Health blog. Since 2011, she’s been writing and editing stories for the site. Before taking up blogging, she toiled for many years (more than we can count) producing health stories for television, including Dateline NBC and San Francisco’s CBS affiliate, KPIX-TV. She also wrote up a handy guide to the Affordable Care Act, especially for Californians. Her work has been honored for many awards. Most recently she was a finalist for “Best Topical Reporting” from the Online News Association. You can follow her on Twitter: @laliferis

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