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(Alison Klein: WEBN)
(Alison Klein: WEBN)

Push aside that cup of coffee and check this out: TV personality and former House Republican Joe Scarborough revealed this morning that his 24-year-old son is among those benefiting from the health law.

Scarborough, a small-government conservative who has criticized presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney for being the “the godfather of Obamacare,” was wrapping up a health law discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” when he said he had a confession to make: “I know one place where Obamacare is working,” adding he was “going to get killed for saying this.”

Over breakfast last weekend, Scarborough’s wife said that 24-year-old Joey Scarborough opted not to purchase health insurance through his employer and was instead on his father’s plan. The federal health law requires insurers to cover dependents up to the age of 26, though “grandfathered” group plans — those in existence before the law took effect –don’t have to offer this dependent coverage until 2014 if the adult child is eligible for other insurance.

“I pushed the pancakes away and just walked outside in a huff,” Scarborough senior said, surprised that “the Scarborough family is buying in to Obamacare.”

Joey isn’t alone, though: Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) recently said his daughter is benefitingfrom the under-26 provision. Overall, the Obama administration estimates that 3.1 million young adults have gained insurance coverage because of the health law.

Watch for yourself (after a 30 second ad):

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Morning Joe’s Scarborough ‘Confesses’ His Son Benefits From Health Law 11 July,2012Lisa Aliferis

  • Foresure6379

    I have always liked Joe for his integrity. Even if he is a rightwinger.

  • Alexjbriones

    Damn Hypocrites. They oppose everything but benefit from the very thing they say they despise.


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