Supreme court rules in the Affordable Care Act decision (photo: s_falkow/Flickr)

This morning came and went without a health care decision. One of the experienced lawyers following the proceedings was asked when a decision had ever been so anticipated:

I am pretty sure that the answer … is NEVER. In Bush v. Gore, it all moved so quickly and we didn’t know when we would get a decision.

Barring a highly unusual deferral until the next term, the final health care decision will come out on Thursday morning around 7:00 AM pacific time.

Like all controversial issues this one goes by many names. The law under consideration started life as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” but was nicknamed “Obamacare” by Republicans. Now some Democrats are trying to reclaim “Obamacare” for their own.

There’s not just a lot of jockeying about the name. The complex legal intricacies have inspired plenty of explainers and Q&A’s around the web today. Here are some of the highlights.

The L.A. Times ran a piece that looked specifically at the legal issues at stake and why the Court could consider this as a tax law case, throwing a wrench in things.

The Washington Post has a blog post aptly titled “Everything you need to know about Obamacare and SCOTUS in one post.”

But if that’s not enough, here’s this consumer guide from Kaiser Health News.


Demystifying Questions Around the Supreme Court’s Coming Health Care Decision 25 June,2012Rachel Dornhelm


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