Wood-burning stoves are a major source of air pollution in Butte County. (Photo: Marley Zalay)

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ouRXperience: An “F” in Air Quality; Hmong Shaman Training; Healthy Food Access; Child Abuse Awareness 9 April,2012Shuka Kalantari

  • Tom DeVries

    If you heat yr house with natural gas, there’re gas wells and a refinery and holding tanks and high pressure pipelines thru all the neighborhoods between all that and you. Just because we keep the mess out of our sight doesn’t mean there isn’t any.


Shuka Kalantari

Shuka Kalantari is a Bay Area journalist reporting on health, food, culture and immigrant communities in California and internationally. She’s reported for Public Radio International’s The World, BBC World News Service’s Outlook, Philosophy Talk, Vice Magazine. Shuka is also a frequent contributor to KQED Public Media. You can follow her @skalantari on Twitter and Instagram.

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