Health clinic expansion coming in Mendota. (Photo: Sam Rubio)
Health clinic expansion coming in Mendota. (Photo: Sam Rubio)

Editor’s Note: KQED produces ouRXperience, a blog from community correspondents, to enrich coverage of health issues across California. The mission of ouRXperience is to give voice to those Californians whose concerns might otherwise be overlooked.

This week ouRXperience featured posts from three California communities:

  • In San Bernardino, Bobbi Albano profiled Loma Linda University students who throw a Christmas Fiesta every year for needy children.
  • From Mendota, Sam Rubio wrote about the major expansion at the local health clinic.
  • And in Merced, ouRXperience welcomes new correspondent Changvang Her, whose stories will focus on Merced in general and the Hmong community in particular.


Lisa Aliferis

Lisa Aliferis is the founding editor of KQED's State of Health blog. Since 2011, she's been writing stories and editing them for the site. Before taking up blogging, she toiled for many years producing health stories for television, including Dateline NBC and San Francisco's CBS affiliate, KPIX-TV. She also wrote up a handy guide to the Affordable Care Act, especially for Californians. You can follow her on Twitter: @laliferis

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