Drought Watch 2015

Pine Lake Flat on  April 1, 2015. Dan Brekke/KQED)
Pine Lake Flat on April 1, 2015. (Dan Brekke/KQED)

We’re collecting all of our California drought coverage here, starting with the current state of the drought, then providing the background and rounding up all the stories we’ve produced.

How Bad Is It?

It’s bad. More than 70 percent of California is now in “extreme” drought, with nearly half of the state in “exceptional” drought, the most serious category, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

For the first time, the drought has vaulted over all other issues in recent polling as the top concern among Californians. Last winter ended up among the driest on record, exacerbated by record-high temperatures.  In April, Governor Jerry Brown issued a first-ever executive order mandating statewide reductions in water use.