Kat Snow

Kat is a 25-year veteran of public broadcasting and an award-winning reporter and editor. She's been at KQED since 2002, and before that was a reporter and news director at KUER in Salt Lake City, and a freelance reporter in Oregon. She's written for Newsweek and The Atlantic, in addition to her public radio credits. She also coaches reporters and others in embodied narration and public speaking. Outside of radio, Kat loves conscious dance and is a Certified Teacher of Soul Motion(TM).

25 Years After the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Are We Safer?

Bay Area taxpayers have spent billions of dollars over the last quarter-century to make our bridges, water pipes and power supplies safer in an earthquake. Experts say that means the Bay Area is much better off now. At the same time, the work is far from over.

Why Does a Curveball Curve?

With the World Series in full swing, most Americans would probably say they know the basic rules of baseball: the pitcher throws it, the batter hits it, three strikes and you’re out. But underneath it all, the rules that truly govern this game are the laws of physics. “When you go to a ballgame you’re … Continue reading Why Does a Curveball Curve? →

Look for the Child, Then Lock the Car

In the majority of cases when a child dies inside a hot car, a parent or caregiver has either forgotten the child is there, or thinks the other parent got her out of the car seat.